Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 10/24/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 10/24/08


Provided By Danielle

Roman: (insisting that Sami go into witness protection until her attempted murderer is caught) No. She needs to face the facts. You won't be safe until that killer's in jail.

Sami: Oh, really? And with the Salem P.D.'s record, how long would that take?

Sami: (Sami is annoyed by Chloe being around) Why don't you wait outside or in Alabama or something?

Max: (Max complains that his girlfriend Stephanie is moved to tears by him) Wha-- what the hell is there even to cry about?

Bo: Let me think. Uh, she's in love with an idiot.

Stephanie: Just now I was trying to sort things out. I don't know why all this makes me so angry.

Max: Because you hate Melanie.

Stephanie: You're right, I do, because I have a brain.

Lucas: (Sami feels that going into witness protection will give her the time she needs to keep the pregnancy a secret from EJ) Fine. Fine. Say it doesn't happen and you come back with a baby. What are you gonna do then? What are you gonna say? "Oh, look what I picked up for a song at a yard sale.

Sami: I'm probably the only person in the whole world whose life gets simpler when they go into the witness protection program.

Max: (defending Melanie even after she stops trying to deny having killed Trent) You don't know what growing up was like for her -- what the bastard did to her.

Stephanie: It doesn't say, "Thou shall not kill unless you have a good reason."

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