Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 8/29/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 8/29/08


Provided By Danielle

Daniel: I want you to believe us.

Chelsea: I do believe you. The problem do I get past the fact that my boyfriend slept with my grandmother?

Tony: Well, I don't think he would be foolish enough to come here. But in case he does...we should be ready.

E.J.: Meaning what?

Anna: Oh, I don't think I want to know.

Marlena: John, ever since I realized you were alive, I've done one thing -- I focused on you -- helping you get better, helping you grow stronger, helping you remember our life together. I can't do that anymore. It has to be about me now. I have to have my own life as a single person. To do that, I have to make a clean break.

John: Huh. I didn't realize you were so selfish.

Marlena: Oh, I forgot how worried you were.

John: Oh, I was worried. I was more than worried. I was going out of...whatever mind I have left.

John: (makes love to Marlena in her office) Oh, that felt sensational! I knew that I could win you back.

Marlena: Is that what this was? Was this like a challenge for you?

John: Absolutely. (seeing Marlena’s horrified reaction) No, that's not what I meant.

Chelsea: But then you never really came out and told me. And I guess that makes sense from the type of guy that you are.

Daniel: What does that mean?

Chelsea: You're a player, just like everybody warned me. And not even a girl's grandmother's safe around you.

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