Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 6/24/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 6/24/08


Provided By Danielle

Chloe: (to Lucas) Yeah. Have to tell the police about Paul. I have an obligation to tell them.

Sami: (just walking in) Wow. I don't even know what you're talking about, but, Chloe, you're not always one to act in the best interests of others. Something you should keep in mind, Lucas.

Nicole: (Ava questions why Nicole would turn down EJ for sex) I know. He's so hot. But, um, all he wanted was a one-night stand.

Ava: That's a problem for you?

Nicole: (Ava warns that EJ will now avoid Nicole) Believe me, he'll stay friendly until he gets his commission from my divorce, and then it's, 'au revoir, Nicole.

Ava: I think you're wrong.

Nicole: Trust me. He's a man. I know the type.

Philip: (Marlena is skeptical of Philip’s gesture to return the disc containing John’s memories) Does the motive really Matter?

Marlena: Nah. I'm sure yours are completely self-serving.

Nicole: (Ava advises Nicole to keep EJ’s confidence) That is so hard because it's totally weighing on my conscience.

Ava: Your conscience? You have a conscience?

Nicole: Yes, I know. I'm just as shocked as you are.

Nicole: (Ava convinces Nicole to tell John EJ’s secret in order to seek his advice) Well, I-I was planning to use this myself, but I am so tired of playing with Sami's life. [Chuckles] I can't believe I said that.

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