Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 6/9/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 6/9/08


Provided By Danielle

Nicole: (EJ keeps shying away from Nicole’s seduction attempts) You know, the kiss would be a lot better if you actually helped.

Nicole: (complaining to Ava) about the boring atmosphere at Java Café by suggesting they add some liquor to their coffee drinks) Well, it's not unusual. You know, in Italy, when you add a shot of hooch, it's called (in unison with Ava) corrected coffee.

Ava: No. I want to be in love again. Nicole: (sarcastically) Uh-oh. Should I warn Steve to take cover?

Ava: (complaining that she can’t find love again) Okay, number one -- the guy would have to be absolutely out of his mind crazy to get involved with me. Nicole: That is not true. And even if it is, there are a ton of crazy guys in Salem. Take it from someone who knows.

Dean Robbins: (While at the Dean’s book signing, Max confronts the Dean about the fradulent claims in his book, taking offense at the Dean’s assumption that Max is just a dumb bartender) Oh, then perhaps you would enlighten me as to where my theories went awry. Max: Let's start with the fact that you provided no explanation for how the barriers overcome, and then let's work our way up to how released nuclear energy is distributed within the atomic lattice. In sum, your ideas are seriously flawed, and I find your premise to be completely invalid. On top of which, I think you are a no-good son of a bitch. And I'm gonna let everyone at the university, as well as this town, know that. (shortly before knocking it down) Cute poster.

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