Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 5/29/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 5/29/08


Provided By Danielle

Chelsea: (sarcastically to Hope and Lexie, with Daniel in earshot, after Lexie wishes she could convince Daniel to stay in town) Oh Im just saying that would require a commitment and we all know how Daniel feels about that right?

Kayla: (Steve surprises Kayla with a furnished new apartment and items for Joes nursery) And now all this stuff for Joe's nursery? What are you -- Superman?

Steve: Super Patchman, maybe.

Steve: (preparing to put together a baby swing) So, here we go. You read to me. Is there a problem?

Kayla: Yeah, Super Patchman. Unless you read Swedish, we have a big problem.

Steve: Well, I can fix cars and fly airplanes. I should be able to put together a little swing, even if the directions are in Swedish.

Kayla: And to think there's all those people that can't even work a DVR.

Nicole: (together at the Chez Rouge bar downing drink after drink) Whoa, whoa, easy, tiger.

E.J.: I'm fine. I'm fine.

Nicole: No, you are outpacing me, and that, my friend, is saying a lot.

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