Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/26/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/26/08


Provided By Danielle

Lucas: So, what did you do? You turned to E.J.? What, do you love him?

Sami: [ Scoffs ]

Lucas: Oh, this is just great, isn't it? What are we, just one big, unhappy family now?

Philip: I'm just wondering how you're going to buy E.J. and me drinks. You have no money.

Nicole: Oh. Yeah, right. Well, then, you buy them, Mr. big-time shipping mogul. I will have a dirty martini, three olives. (glaring at EJ) Actually. . . make that a dirty. . . dirty, dirty Martini.

John: (Marlena doubts John’s claim that Philip planted the drugs on DiMera ships) This is war. You can't be Switzerland.

Nicole: (referring to the news that drugs were found on DiMera ships) Funny. I didn't hear about that on the news. But, then again, I am a smooch hung over. I didn't really pay attention.

Philip: You? Shocking.

Chloe: (Nicole taunts Chloe about liking Philip) Don't push me, Nicole.

Nicole: Not unless there's a flight of stairs behind you, sweetheart.

E.J.: Nicole, as your attorney, I'm ad-- I'm telling you that if you would like to put a legitimate divorce case across to Victor, you're gonna have to stop popping up around town picking fights with people.

Nicole: I'm not the one picking fights. Can I help it if 95% of the women in Salem are jealous of me?

Sami: (still arguing about Sami sleeping with EJ) Now, Lucas, I just want you to understand that E.J. has changed.

Lucas: 'He's changed' -- Well, give that man a medal. 'He's changed.' Give him something, hell. Oh, wait. Wait a minute. You already did. My bad.

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