Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 4/10/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 4/10/08


Provided By Danielle

Caroline: Oh, hi. Hi. So, how's your internship going?

Stephanie: Well, let's see. Today I ordered lunch, picked up lunch, installed a printer cartridge, um, spilled coffee on my shirt, and -- you want me to go on?

Caroline: Yes. Stephanie: I can tell you about how I accidentally walked into the men's restroom. That was probably the highlight of my day.

Nicole: "Witch"? Really, Sami? That's all you got? I was expecting something with a little more punch.

Sami: You want a punch? Oh, I'll give you a punch.

Nicole: Honestly, Sami, you should be thanking me for hiring E.J.

Sami: Thanking you? I should be assaulting you.

Nicole: (Sami insults Nicole’s attire) Sweetheart, this is couture.

Sami: Porn-star collection?

Sami: (on the phone) I can't believe he just went to sleep like that, Grandma. Usually he's crying for 15 minutes before he goes out.

Nicole: I'd cry, too, if you were my mother.

Nicole: (Sami has just called to check in on her twins) Come on. Let me see some pictures.

Sami: No.

Nicole: Well, they can't look that bad, unless that got your genes.

John: (John tries to convince Marlena to start over with their relationship) "What's there to like?" Oh, you mean outside of my wit, charm, and rugged good looks?

John: If you need proof, take me on as your little science project. What do you have to lose? Oh, come on, blondie. Live a little bit. You know you're interested.

Marlena: Do you mind being a project? I mean, didn't Stefano make you his little project?

John: Yes. But he didn't look half as good in a dress.

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