Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/2/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/2/08


Provided By Danielle

Marlena: I got a call from Sami, asking that I meet her here.

John: She invited you over to my house? You know, I've killed people for less.

Philip: This is just great, having all this family under one roof.

Chloe: Yeah, we're a regular "Little House on the Prairie."

Daniel: (Chelsea has just explained how the family gathered at this dinner are related and why Victor currently hates Chloe) Okay, I'm completely lost here. Think I'm gonna have to meditate on this one -- or, actually, medicate. Wow.

John: (Marlena has suggested that EJ, Sami, and the twins move in with John to save money and impress the immigration agent) Rolf, what do you think? Can you handle the added chores of taking care of me, those two, and their two babies?

Dr. Rolf: I'd sooner choke on a schnitzel.

John: Mmm. I must commend you. You have a way with cheese puffs.

Dr. Rolf: Thank you. The secret is the Bavarian cambozola cheese -- my own formula.

E.J.: Actually, Rolf, in English we say, "recipe."

John: No, he means "formula." He's a mad scientist.

Marlena: It would solve their situation if E.J. and Sami and the twins moved in with you. John, can you blow the smoke in a different direction? It stinks.

John: No, what stinks is your plan. Last thing I need is to have a couple of brats running around here, not to mention your children.

Marlena: So, what do you think, john -- E.J., Sami, the twins, and I move in here? We'll all be one big, happy family.

John: You mean like the average American family -- brainwashed dad, gun-totin' mom, married couple who hates each other, mismatched set of twins, and an evil scientist butler?

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