Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 3/28/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 3/28/08


Provided By Danielle

Stephanie: Well, then, how about you go in your bedroom and get some real sleep?

Kayla: You sound just like your father.

Stephanie: He told me to take care of you. Now, go. Come on.

Kayla: I can't take it from both of you.

John: Look... you're smart. You're classy. And you have gone out of your way to help me, and sometimes I feel bad when I disappoint you. That's my way of apologizing. So, just accept it, enjoy it, and please don't try to analyze everything that I do and say.

Marlena: We'll see.

John: (John gives Marlena a gift to buy her forgiveness but she is hesitant to open it) Well, go on. It's not gonna bite you.

Marlena: There's more than one way to be bitten, you know.

John: Did you get that out of a fortune cookie?

Steve: (Steve tells Bo the truth about Ava) She caused the plane crash on the way back from Ireland.

Bo: She killed Pop and almost killed the rest of us?

Steve: She claims she didn't want the plane to go down. She just wanted to keep it on the ground, but her people botched the job.

Bo: Oh, that makes me feel a hell of a lot better.

John: You know, it's easy to be generous or concerned when you want for nothing. Come on. Admit it. You want the damn necklace, don't you?

Marlena: What I want is my husband, my real husband...

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