Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 3/26/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 3/26/08


Provided By Danielle

Max: Right. Don't use Morgan to get to her father.

Philip: I would never do that.

Max: Wouldn't you?

Bo: Hey, when you come back to visit me -- which you will do, like, hourly -- sneak me in a burger, will you?

Chelsea: I don't know if I can do that. Can you eat that with a newly transplanted pancreas?

Bo: We'll find out.

Morgan: (Philip pays for Morgan and Stephanie’s drinks claiming that it was a gesture of apology) Yeah. I wonder what he really wanted.

Stephanie: Well, he's a Kiriakis. Chances are you'll never know.

Ava: (Hope criticizes Ava for her botched plans with the plane crash) Look, you can pick your help, but you cannot pick your relatives. All of my guards happen to be my cousins, and they're not exactly rocket scientists.

Philip: It was nice seeing you again.

Morgan: You too. And hopefully I can be part of that team that services your needs.

Kate: [Clears throat]

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