Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/27/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/27/08


Provided By Danielle

John: (walks in on Marlena consoling Roman) Didn't mean to interrupt. Continue your cuddle party.

Bo: (reminiscing about Shawn Sr.) He always had a funny joke or a story for every occasion.

Roman: Yes, he did. And, again, you can come to me for that, too.

Bo: Your jokes aren't funny.

Roman: Okay. All right. I get the point. Pop can't be replaced. But I am funny.

Bo: No, you're not.

Roman: Maybe not right now, but in the past, I have been known to be very hysterical.

Bo: You don't have a funny bone in your body. Your funny bone isn't funny.

Roman: I have made you laugh.

Bo: Well, maybe at you…

Kimberly: Hey, little brother, how you doing? Bo: I'm -- who told you I was sick, huh? Was it Kay? You got a big mouth. You know that?

Kayla: It was not me. Why does everybody in this family always think that I’m the blabbermouth? It wasn't me.

Steve: You can't really blame him. You are kind of a chatterbox. You're just too honest. You can't keep a secret.

Bo: (Bo complains that Hope insists he’s to go back to the hospital after the wake) You're no fun.

Kimberly: You're lucky you got a wife who puts up with you.

Hope: You know, I tell him that every day.

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