Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 2/19/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 2/19/08


Provided By Danielle

Shawn D.: Because I shouldn't be sitting here crying. I should be taking care of you and Claire.

Belle: Shawn, your grandfather just died. We were just in a plane crash. We almost lost our daughter. You have every right to this moment, to a lot of these moments. And truth be told, it's kind of nice to see one of the Brady men show a little emotion.

Belle: (Hope agrees to let Claire cuddle up with them for the night) Thank you, Hope, for everything. I know that Bo barely survived that plane crash, and here you are checking on us. You're such a strong woman.

Hope: So are you. You just don't realize it yet.

John: (Marlena jumps when John curls up next to her in the tent) Relax. Got to do something to keep each other warm. Isn't that what you're worried about?

Marlena: Yes. Right. Of course. (John snuggles up next to Marlena and lets his hands wander) [Gasps] That isn't getting warm.

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