Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 1/21/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 1/21/08


Provided By Danielle

Kayla: Mm-hmm. And that chart tells me when my optimal time, my peak zone to conceive is.

Steve: (disappointed that Kayla is making him wait to make love until her peak zone time) Why don't we do it every hour?

Sami: How do you know it's from your father?

E.J.: I know it's from my father. He doesn't need a card. He wants the baby. (revealing that the box left on their doorstep contains a baby rattle) And he's trying to rattle us. DiMera humor -- always unnerving, never funny.

Kayla: (rushes Caroline out because she interrupted their attempt at lovemaking) Thanks. I'll see you later, okay? I love you. (to Steve) Was that rude?

Steve: Yeah. But I don't care.

Kayla: (a phone call about a patient who has a muscle cramp interrupts Steve and Kayla’s attempt at lovemaking) (to Steve as he tries to distract Kayla away from the phone call) That's nice. That's really nice. (on the phone) No, no, no, don't be nice. Don't be nice. You need to be firm. I really think -- I really think it's just a leg cramp and you can probably just rub it out.

Steve: Whatever you say, doctor.

Abe: (Abe is still wary of EJ even though he asked for Abe’s help to get Sami and the twins to a safe house) You know, I have been around too long to drop my guard to a DiMera.

E.J.: Wells, all right? Let's just, um... let's just call me E.J. Wells.

Abe: A rose by any other name.

Abe: Sami and the twins are gonna have the ISA keeping an eye on them.

E.J.: Oh, I see. Sorry. What you mean -- they're really going to be keeping an eye on me.

Abe: Oh, they're gonna be crawling up your jockstrap.

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