Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/10/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/10/08


Provided By Danielle

Philip: You need to plead not guilty by reason of insanity.

Lucas: I what?

Kate: He means temporary insanity.

Lucas: Temporary insanity. You both are crazy.

Lucas: (Lucas is against the idea of using insanity as a defense to get him out of jail) I don't want to hear it, Mom. It's a waste of my time, understand?

Philip: You have somewhere better to go?

Kate: Lucas, there's nothing to be embarrassed about here. Anyone would understand. Living with Sami, with what she's been doing these past few months, would cause any man to snap.

Hope: (Hope and Bo pose as homeless people to get close to the storefront without being recognized) You've really outdone yourself this time, Brady.

Bo: Chez rouge was booked. Besides, I got you a cardboard to sit on and a nice, toasty blanket.

Hope: You spare no expense.

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