Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 12/14/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 12/14/07


Provided By Danielle

E.J.: (eavesdrops on Sami and Lucas arguing about losing the package) Hmm. Two birds. One package. Not bad for a night's work.

Bo: Let me remind you. About a half-hour ago, Lucas showed up at an air move express office empty-handed. There to pick up something, I assume. A few minutes later, he came out, also empty-handed.

Kate: Stop the presses. Breaking story. A man exits a shipping office empty-handed.

Roman: We checked back with the delivery company. Their guy says he delivered a package to Lucas Horton. Our guy says no such delivery.

Bo: Well, that's clear as mud.

Roman: Katie, what's new?

Kate: Go to hell, Roman.

Roman: Well, I thought that I would brighten up your day, maybe even light up your Christmas tree, let you know that Marlena was charged and arraigned for attempted murder.

Kate: What, is she awaiting trial at Salem springs spa?

Kate: Did you browbeat Marlena this way?

Bo: Didn't have to. She volunteered the information. She's got what we call a conscience. Ever hear of it?

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