Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 10/11/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 10/11/07


Provided By Danielle

Lucas: (Sami feels that the babies would only be living with EJ for a couple months) What are you talking about? They'll be there as long as E.J. wants them there. He's not gonna give up. He's not gonna give them back.

Marlena: He's right. You're not just marrying a man. You're giving him two tiny hostages.

Stefano: Damn it, boy. An obsession with a woman -- a Brady woman -- is what has led to the downfall of this family. Please, please, please. What a waste of time and energy.

E.J.: She's not a waste of time. She's everything that I've ever wanted.

Stefano: Don't be a fool. Women like that are a dime a dozen. Go to any small town, knock on the door, and you will find a young girl who is cunning, cute, and ambitious, willing to do anything to follow money and power.

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