Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 9/7/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 9/7/07


Provided By Danielle

Stefano: (Bo and Roman arrive at the hospital claiming that they are here to make sure Stefano gets safely escorted home) Oh, my God. If my survival depends on the Salem police, I might as well slit my wrists now.

Roman: Don't let me stop you.

Max: You sold these girls, Rawlings. You lied to them, and you put them into so-called escort services. Well, no more.

Rawlings: "No more." [Chuckles] Ladies, why don't you show Max how upset you really are with me? (All the girls stand up and aim their own guns at Max and Stephanie) I call them my angels -- Rawlings' Angels.

Rawlings: (Rawlings hands Max and Stephanie each a parachute insisting that they’ll be jumping out of the plane) But it's been real, real, real doing business with you, Mr. Brady. Hope you enjoyed your ride with us today. It's our pleasure to have you drop by. But now it's your turn to touch the sky.

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