Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 8/27/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 8/27/07


Provided By Danielle

Sami: (killing time while waiting for Andre in the gym by testing out a treadmill) Five calories? That's it? This thing's broken.

Roman: His liver is definitely failing, and even Stefano can't live without a liver.

Bo: Why not? He lived this long without a heart.

Roman: (Bo devises a plan to use stop the transplant to force Stefano to end the vendetta) You know what? I have been telling people for a very long time you're not near as dumb as you look, and now maybe they'll believe me.

Roman: (Bo and Roman arrive to arrest EJ while he’s being prepped for the transplant) You're really in no position to be making threats.

Bo: Speaking of positions, you might want to put your pants on, unless you want your butt hanging out when we drag you down to the station.

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