Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 8/22/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 8/22/07


Provided By Danielle

Hope: (disagreeing on whether Colleen will honor Santo’s request to meet in his room at the inn) Is that a bet?

Bo: Are you kidding me? I’m not going to bet until sometimes way after Christmas. (making a face) Changing diapers.

Doug: I now give you ladies and gentlemen, Julie Olsen Banning Anderson Williams Williams Williams.

Julie: Did I really marry you three times?

Doug: Third time’s the charm.

Marlena: Hope, your little cookies are so good.

Hope: I bought them myself.

Marlena: (about whether they could wait for a private detective’s report to go after the men they love) I’m not sure I could wait either, but then you’ve seen my husband.

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