Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 8/20/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 8/20/07


Provided By Danielle

Roman: Mom called, all right? Mom called. Either Kayla gives the okay, or mom moves in with me to play nurse.

Bo: What, the big bad policeman afraid of his mommy?

Roman: Well, so are you, wise guy. You know damn well she's 98 pounds of tough turkey and beef jerky.

Nick: Listen, when she signed those papers, it must have just been a formality or something. There's no way that she actually meant to leave these kids with me.

Hotel employee: Sir, we are a five-star establishment, but even our service ends at adoption.

Hotel employee: (After telling Nick that his only choice is to either take in the boys or call the authorities and have them taken away) Entirely your choice, sir. Let me advise you, however, that feeding time for the hotel's pair of albino tigers begins shortly, and your stepsons have already shown an alarming tendency to lean too far over the railings.

Steve: (looking over a stack of books on parenting Adrienne has brought him) [Clears throat] "Happy children made easy." That sounds more like a cookbook.

Roman: (to Kayla on Steve’s ability to care for a child alone) Well, you better put signs on that baby -- "this end up."

Bo: (Hope asks why he called Roman a happy bachelor man) That's being facetious.

Hope: Facetious, huh? You? Facetious?

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: Spell it, Brady.

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