Best Days of Our Lives Lines Tuesday 7/24/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 7/24/07


Provided By Danielle

Jeremy: (Promising to bring Nick to see Chelsea) But she might not be too happy when she sees you.

Nick: Why? She loves me. I'm a really sexy guy.

Bo: (To Hope, referring to the old bet where he’s now forced to do diaper duty) How can you top that last bet? You...what, want me to breast-feed?

Bo: (Bo agrees to the bet) You win, I'll streak.

Hope: God, you're easy.

Bo: Never complained before.

E.J.: Look, no matter what the two of you think of me, I think of you as my friends.

Lucas: Okay, all right. Well, doesn't matter to me, but, friend, cheerio. [British accent] Hurry up. You don't want the door to hit you on your way out, do you?

Bo: (Bo returns to the pub after streaking but doesn’t expect to find Roman there with news that André escaped) Well, let's go get him.

Roman: Maybe you should put some pants on first.

Bo: Look, Roman...

Roman: No, no, no. See, I'm done looking as much as I need to look. Um, why don't you get dressed? We'll go look for him. I mean, who knows? With a little luck, maybe we'll catch someone with their pants down.

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