Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 7/2/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 7/2/07


Provided By Danielle

Roman: (telling Hope and Bo about sleeping with Anna) I don't want to stomp on your imagination, but that's not exactly how it went down. All right, bad choice of words.

Hope: (lecturing Roman about leaving Anna without a word after sleeping with her) All right, listen, sit down. A little friendly advice from your sister-in-law here, a woman's perspective, if you will.

Bo: This ought to be good.

Roman: (to Bo and Hope as they lecture him about Anna) You're not helping. You're not helping at all. Okay? Look, I'm not an insensitive guy. It may seem that way right now, but I happen to be very well tuned in to the opposite sex.

Bo: You should have your own talk show.

Hope: Would you like a little privacy, maybe?

Anna: (about Roman) Oh, no, no. I'd rather humiliate him in front of an audience. Bo: Fine with me.

Bo: (Bo fails at his attempts to get out of diaper duty per his bet with Hope) You're like a dog with a bone here.

Hope: You just met me?

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