Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 5/29/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 5/29/07


Provided By Danielle

Roman: (Hoping to get a statement from John about E.J. being the shooter) Look, I assume that Marlena filled you in on "John Black: The Lost Episodes."

Marlena: I gave him the condensed version.

Dr. Tucker: (After John pretends to fall while Hope and Marlena are helping him walk around) Okay, John. Raise your right arm and then your left. Okay. All right. Move your head to the left. Move your head to the right.

Marlena: It's a miracle, Doctor. He couldn't tell his left from his right before the coma.

John: [Grunts]

Marlena: That's for falling down outside.

Marlena: (John surprises everyone by yelling at the doctor) Can you say something else?

John: (Struggling) I'm --

Marlena: Want to have naughty sex with your wife?

John: Hell, yes.

Willow: (Happy that her threats got Nick to hand over the rent money) You know what? I really like you.

Nick: You know, Willow, if you stopped acting like a whore, maybe people would stop treating you like one.

Philip: I already told Victor where I stand. I gave the order -- hands off Claire.

Bo: [Chuckles] And he responded with a snappy salute?

Marlena: I moved us. I moved us out of the penthouse. I hope that's okay.

John: Did you save the bed?

Marlena: I saved the bed.

John: Then it's all good.

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