Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/14/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/14/07


Provided By Danielle

Kate: (to E.J.) And now you admire Lucas? I actually don't know whether you're drunk or if you're just channeling your inner sap.

Lucas: Well, good. Have I told you in the last five minutes how much I love you?

Sami: No, you know, it's been almost six minutes and I was starting to get nervous.

Sami: (about being sure EJ was the baby’s father) I lied.

E.J.: How unusual.

Sami: The truth is I don't know whose baby this is.

E.J.: I see. Can we at least assume that it's only mine or Lucas'? I mean, there were no other passing motorists on the road that night, darling?

Sami: Okay, all right. The abridged version is that we came up with this plan to get him to the cabin, knock him out, and then we were gonna set the cabin on fire with him in it. It was actually Celeste's stupid idea, but then it got complicated because you had planned that Romantic evening for us at the towers.

Lucas: Wait a minute. You and Celeste cooked this up, no pun intended?

Sami: There isn't anything else, okay? I am telling you that that's it. I swear.

Lucas: That's it. You sure you don't want to take 5, 10 minutes and think about it? Maybe there's something else you left out.

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