Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/27/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/27/07


Provided By Danielle

Billie: (Billie refuses to believe that EJ was behind all the recent harm in Salem) You don't have any evidence of that, either. Come on, Bo. What about Stefano?

Bo: He's in a coma. Billie: Oh, that's never stopped him before.

Kate: The entire office is in chaos, okay? The phones are ringing off the hook, and some of the directors need to talk to you about some issues that were before the board, and you're the only one that E.J. briefed on it.

Lucas: (implying in a sexual way) I don't report directly to E.J. He's your partner. Shouldn't you be briefed? I'm sure he's briefed you in the past, right?

Billie: (about Philip) Mom, victor told me that he was going out of the country, and I'm supposed to just believe that he didn't tell you where he was going or that you didn't even ask him?

Kate: He's a grown-up, and he also didn't ask me when he went away to war.

Lucas: Well, none of your kids are truly grown up, thanks to you, mom.

Billie: What the hell is wrong with this family? Are we all insane or what?

Lucas: Yeah, I think we are. We got mom to thank for that, the queen of the gene pool.

Billie: (about Kate not knowing where EJ and Philip have gone) So, basically, they both used you.

Kate: No. I wouldn't put it that way.

Lucas: Of course not. Because that would imply that you were capable of being wrong.

Kate: (Kate questions Sami about EJís location) You know, and don't bother lying, please. Even though you've had an abundance of practice, you still stink at it.

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