Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 1/16/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 1/16/07


Provided By Danielle

Lucas: (Kate suggests that Sami had E.J. help her save Lucas) Oh, I get it, except first she said, "Hold on, E.J. Wait, we can't run off together yet. First we have to save Lucas." And he said (fakes a British accent) "Of course, my love. I'll do anything for you. I love Lucas. He's a great chap. I'll help save him." Bunch of BS. If he was there, Mom, he would have warmed his hands over my dead body.

Kate: Hi, Sami. Look, I... I wanted to tell you that I am grateful for what you did for my son. I guess I've finally realized that you would never hurt him. And you really have been a godsend these past couple of days, so I'm sorry. I'm sorry for doubting you. Please, take good care of him.

Sami: (to Lucas after Kate leaves) Who was that nice lady that was disguised as your mother?

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