Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 12/20/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 12/20/06


Provided By Danielle

Chelsea: (about Max and Mimi) You just said that you can't be sure about anything, so how do you know that they're not gonna get hurt?

Roman: Because I've been a cop for a while, and you pick up a thing or two about human nature, even humans like Victor.

Mimi: How deep is this pocket? Oh, wait, there's something.

Max: Okay, that is definitely not my knife.

Kayla: (about Bo) I remember this very sweet, sensitive guy that told me that your heart is your compass and if you follow, it will take you in the right direction. It was some guy with a boat.

Hope: With a boat. Hmm, let me think. Yeah, I know that guy. Stubborn, very stubborn…

Billie: (to Steve) You should have called me on the phone after you knew your future was with Kayla. You should have called me up, and you should have said, "Hey, Billie, guess what. Remember all that stuff we were talking about before? Well, major, major retraction. I just want to let you know Kayla's in, you're out. Sorry. My bad."

Max: Oh, you are awesome. Okay, now, can you get the blade out? (Mimi manages to do so) You're incredible.

Mimi: Oh, yeah, you probably say that to every woman who sticks her hand in your pocket.

Steve: (Steve had been complaining that his apology letter to Billie wouldn’t be as good as poetry) Let's go home and get naked.

Kayla: And you said you weren't a poet.

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