Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 11/7/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 11/7/06


Provided By Danielle

Caroline: (Chelsea complains that the money Caroline gave her is too little a sum) Well, in my time, that would have lasted me a week.

Chelsea: Yeah, but in your time, a candy bar also cost about a nickel. Look, Grandma, it's the 21st century.

Caroline: If you want more spending money, you should get a job.

Maggie: Nick Fallon -- Jessica and Joshua's son. Okay, his grandmother's Marie Horton.

Abby: The nun?

Maggie: Ex-nun.

Abby: Our family's really strange.

Nick: Oh, that's perfect, because if I don't get precisely 8 3/4 hours of sleep, I'm a total mess the whole next day.

Abby: (shocked by Nick’s dorky look) Really? How many hours did you get last night?

Nick: (Nick splits his pants doing a split on the dance floor but then notices that Chelsea has arrived) God, I sure hope Aunt Maggie can fix these. These are my faves. Oh, hi. Oh, jeez. I'm, uh --

Chelsea: Clumsy as hell, apparently.

Abby: This isn't Chelsea’s first arrest. She's on probation. If a cop comes and finds her drinking with a fake ID, they'll throw her in jail.

Nick: She has a record?

Abby: Yeah, and it seems to get longer every day.

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