Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 11/2/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 11/2/06


Provided By Danielle

Marlena: (Kate starts to refuse John the use of her satellite truck since he won’t tell her who he’s investigating) Kate, I'm sorry. Excuse me. This is the first that I've heard of this.

John: That's because it just came up. Like I said, I really can't talk about it, not even to you.

Kate: Ooh. Intrigue. I do love that.

John: (John has revealed that he is planning to do some investigative work for the police) Now, you look at me. I'm always gonna be here for my girls. I'm not going anywhere.

Marlena: Thank you. I've got to remind you of something.

John: What's that?

Marlena: You owe me a wedding, and I just can't go around marrying a dead guy.

Hope: What kind of favor?

Steve: It's Billie. I know she's not your favorite person, but she didn't have to come here. Do you know how hard it was for her to come here? She's been a good friend to me, and I want to get her something. I want you to go out and pick something out -- like a necklace or something -- that would be from me. Could you do that? Could you do that for me?

Hope: You're asking me to go shopping for jewelry for the woman who slept with my husband?

Marlena:'re reluctant to get involved with another married man?

Billie: Not just another married man -- a Brady. The first one was a Brady. This one's married to a Brady. What is it with me and the Brady family?

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