Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 10/24/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 10/24/06


Provided By Danielle

Marlena: (Roman is leaving to talk to Sami) Roman... tell her also that she's welcome to destroy her own life. We will not let her destroy Will's.

Mimi: I'm still your wife, Shawn. I have a right to know who you're seeing.

Shawn D.: You have no rights with me, Mimi. Looking at you -- it makes me sick.

Marlena: (Marlena drops her phone in the ladies’ room and notices that a man is in the stall when she bends down to retrieve it) Oh, my gosh. Okay, okay. Whoever you are in there, I've got pepper spray, and I know how to use it.

John: (Pushes open the door to reveal himself munching on a carrot stick) What's up, doc? Is that phone for me?

Sami: I have apologized, and I am sick of begging people for forgiveness. If you have a problem with it -- you know what, dad? -- You can leave.

Roman: Wow. My God, Sami. Yeah, good attitude. But I'll tell you what -- there is no way in hell that I'm walking out of here till we have this out.

Sami: Well, I'm going to lunch. Have it out with yourself.

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