Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 9/15/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 9/15/06


Provided By Danielle

Jack: (Jack picks up the phone in Enid's cabin to try and call for help but finds someone else already using the phone) [Grunts]

Woman on the phone: Who's that? Someone's on the line. I can hear you talking. Now get off. This here's a party line, and it's my turn to yak.

Jack: (to Jennifer) It's her turn to yak. It's a party line.

Jennifer: What is this, the 1940s or something?

Enid: I never thought I'd find you two back here again. But both of you just pop up like damn jack-in-the-boxes.

Jack: Well, I mean, I've been accused of that before, but I'll tell you right now, madam, how very astute you are.

Enid: I don't know what that means.

Jennifer: Oh, that's a nice thing to say. It's a compliment.

Jack: (Enid has her gun aimed at Jack and Jennifer and Jennifer is using a plate from the nearby sink to try and convince Enid that they spotted a flying saucer) Whatever you do, don't say "pull."

Jennifer: (Jack is able to use an old phone to call Bo with their suspect's name but the line dies before they can request help getting home) Yeah, well, how do you suppose we're gonna get home now, Jack?

Jack: What's the matter? You didn't bring your ruby-red slippers?

Jennifer: (Jennifer tries to convince Jack to spend the night in a cave before continuing on toward home) You're not fine, okay? It's chilly and it's dark.

Jack: Well, it's only darker and chillier in there, especially if you're still mad at me.

Alice: (Patrick has invited Hope back to his place for dinner) And you enjoy your dinner, young man. I have a feeling this is going to be your last evening with Hope.

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