Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 8/16/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 8/16/06


Provided By Danielle

Bo: [Chuckles] Oh, man, I used to go broke picking up your bar tab. I don't know why I didn't remember that before I challenged you to a rematch of darts.

Steve: I'm supposed to be the one who doesn't remember things.

Bo: (Bo tries to explain why John has just walked in with someone other than his wife Marlena) No, no. They're separated... sort of. It's a long story.

Steve: Isn't everything in this burg?

E.J.: Now, I took a little bit of a chance here. I hope you like oysters.

Sami: Actually, when I was a kid, my grandparents had a fish market. Uh, these have shells. E.J.: They taught you a lot -- your grandparents -- didn't they?

Sami: In fact, they're still alive, right?

E.J.: Uh, well, uh, yes. Is that a problem?

Sami: I've been accused of eating men alive. Why not oysters, right?

Billie: You know what I think we need? Chelsea: A personality transplant?

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