Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 8/14/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 8/14/06


Provided By Danielle

Steve: (Kayla walks into the Pub as he and Bo are talking about helping Steve figure out what happened to his memory) There she is now.

Bo: (Bo notices Steve’s enamored reaction to seeing Kayla) Yeah, there she is. Maybe this case isn't so cold after all.

Sami: (making rushed wedding plans over the phone) I realize that this is not my first wedding, but none of the others lasted for more than a day, so they don't count.

E.J.: (Austin thanks E.J. for arranging a band for their wedding) You are welcome. Consider it my wedding gift to you.

Sami: You mean we don't get presents?

Steve: (Bo teasingly claims that Steve won their last dart game because he cheated) Wait, wait, wait. Are you accusing me of cheating? Bo: No, no. I'm not saying you cheated on purpose. (fakes a sneeze) Cheater!

Kayla: (Steve and Bo are having a dart rematch as Kayla cheers them on) Oh, my God! A bull's-eye! Incredible!

Steve: (who has a patch over one eye) Another one, man. I don't even have any depth perception, dude.

Bo: You still using that excuse?

Steve: That's not an excuse. It's a handicap.

Bo: Yeah, you got a handicap, that's for sure.

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