Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 6/26/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 6/26/06


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Lucas: What are you talking about?! Two people came back from the dead today -- her very good friend jack and her uncle Steve. It's a miracle. It's two miracles in one. Austin: Okay, let's look at this, okay? Abe, her uncle, is getting a divorce. Steve can't remember who he is. Jack is still dying. And Jennifer is now bigamous. Not so good news.

Jennifer: Steve and I will get you dressed, and we'll get you into bed, okay? Abigail, will you go downstairs and get your dad some tea? Abby: Sure, I'll be right back. Jack: I'll be right here. I'll be here all week, I hope.

Jennifer: But I don't want to tell Mrs. Mason about you. You know, the last thing we need is the whole neighborhood coming over to see the man who returned from the dead. Jack: Dead man stalking. Absolutely.

Lucas: That's right. Salem weddings don't go wrong unless Sami’s invited. (to Carrie) But wait -- wait. She is your matron of honor, right? So, that means if they elope, then we can cut her out of the picture altogether.

Abby: (Abby isn’t used to referring to her newly returned from the dead uncle as Uncle Steve) Uncle Steve -- man, that's weird. Nick: (Steve still believes his name is Nick) Especially to me, 'cause my name is Nick.

Jennifer: You know, I just -- I prayed so hard that you would be alive after your car went off that bridge, jack. I lay awake in this bed every single night. Jack: Probably on account of the lumpy mattress.

Carrie: Hey, Jack and Steve being alive isn't something going wrong. Sami: It is if you're Frankie.

Jennifer: Did you plan this all along? Did you drive off that bridge on purpose? Were you trying to kill yourself? Jack: Ironically, no.

Jennifer: You must be so tired. Jack: Yeah. This dying stuff sure takes it out of you.

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