Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 6/23/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 6/23/06


Provided By Danielle

Belle: Just keep telling yourself it's the miracle of modern medicine.

Mimi: You know what I would consider a miracle of modern medicine? (referring to Shawn and Philip) If these two could have the babies instead of us.

Nick: (to Jack after everyone re-introduces themselves and Hope relates to his amnesia plight) Man, this is one whacked-out burg you live in here.

Austin: So, what's your game, man? What's your game here with me? I mean, you're marrying Carrie. You're gonna be a dad again. You got a problem with me being happy?

Lucas: No. I just think you should watch your back. With Sami, there's always a twist. You know, there's always something she's not telling you, like what happened in the past. I mean, I hate to bring it up, but remember when she said, "Oh, you're Will's father"? Oh, no. Wait a minute. I'm Will's father. Neither one of us should have had anything to do with her after that.

Mimi: Your life always seems so perfect. Belle: Oh. So perfect that I almost lost my daughter, that my husband was held hostage and had his leg blown off by a land mine, and then, of course, I got to do the whole fun postpartum-depression thing, which I'm really hoping won't happen to me again.

Sami: You are a doctor, Lexie. You're supposed to have compassion.

Lexie: I do have compassion -- for family, friends, patients, stray dogs, all of God's creatures... except one -- you.

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