Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 6/7/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 6/7/06

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Sami: I am a grown woman, and I don't have crushes anymore. I'm marrying Austin, remember? Because he is my one lasting true love. Lucas: Your one lasting true love? One lasting true love and Sami Brady don't compute.

Austin: And two -- hopefully, if you are not too stubborn, you and my mother will be able to work out your problems. Sami: Oh, come on, Austin. When hell freezes over, are you gonna promise to find me somewhere warm to live?

Billie: (Bo angrily throws the phone across the room narrowly missing Billie after he ends a frustrating phone call with Hope) Are you finished throwing things? Bo: Maybe. Maybe not. Billie: Okay, great, I won't get too close, then.

Carrie: (Carrie learns that her package was delivered to Sami by mistake) Okay. I'm gonna go knock on Sami’s door. Lucas: Better you than me.

Kate: (Chelsea is describing her latest efforts to keep Bo and Hope apart) Oh, Chelsea. Chelsea: Well, that's nothing, so, uh... Kate: Yeah, I forgot who I'm talking to.

Kate: Chelsea, my children seem to be cursed -- cursed with nobility. And they certainly didn't get that from me.

Max: Cool. Well, catch you on the track, then. E.J.: Well, that remains to be seen -- whether or not you're gonna catch me, you know.

Max: Basic black's a good company, and Austin reed's a good guy, but -- Shawn D.: Keep your eye on Sami. E.J.: (meaning his romantic interest in Sami) I intend to.

Sami: Get out of my face. Lucas: The pleasure's all mine, sweetheart.

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