Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/22/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/22/06

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Belle: I really wish that you weren't so hard on Sami, Kate. I really think she's changed. Kate: Oh, my god. If I hear that one more time –

Carrie: (Carrie is trying to convince Lucas that Sami has learned her lesson) I think she's paid a huge price for what she's done. Don't you think she's finally learned her lesson? Lucas: She should have a PhD where she hasn't learned anything.

Sami: A lot of people are superstitious, Lucas. Lucas: Not like you. Remember when that cat crossed your path? You stayed in bed for three days.

Austin: Bad things happen to everyone. It's just a part of life, Will. Will: (about Sami) You've got to admit more bad things happen to mom.

Shawn D.: (Mimi jumps at the sound of a knock on the door) Relax, relax. It's just -- it's not the stork. We got a few months to wait.

Carrie: I think we should stop all this good-and-evil talk. It's not like Sami’s done something bad, have you? I mean lately.

Bonnie: (under her breath) Of course, Shawn already has a baby with Belle. He just doesn't know it. Max: (Bonnie’s dog) [ Thinking ] Well, I'll be doggone. These humans -- they're just like rabbits.

Kate: (Kate offers to help when she learns Mimi and Shawn are trying in vitro fertilization) Well, if there's anything I can do to help, just let me know. Philip: That's a very sweet offer, mom, but as far as I understand, they have to do that themselves.

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