Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 5/12/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 5/12/06

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Carrie: Well, I think I need to talk to Sami about her matron-of-honor dress. Lucas: Oh. Always the bride, never the bridesmaid. Who else do you know that has that problem?

Mimi: (assumes that she has walked in on Shawn cheating on her with Belle) Why? Why is this happening? We were just at green mountain lodge. We were so excited about making our own baby. We were so happy. Bonnie: Oh, all men are pigs, honey. I tried to teach you that.

Alex: I want john black out of Marlena’s life. You want Bo out of hope's life. Similar goals, similar means. So, do we have a deal? Patrick: I'd make a deal with the devil to be with hope. Alex: I think you just did.

Bonnie: (Belle and Shawn decide to head into separate rooms to re-dress after coming out of the second bedroom scantily clad) Good luck trying to talk your way out of this one. Oh, separate rooms? Isn't it a little late?

Carrie: No, you can't see. It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride's dress, even in sketches. Get out of here. Lucas: I've had enough bad-luck weddings for a lifetime.

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