Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/10/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/10/06

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Patrick: We didn't run off together. Hope: No, we didn’t. We-we -- it wasn't planned. We just happened to bump into each other down here. Alex: Oh, that must have been some bump. I mean, here you are sharing a room.

Shawn D.: This car -- oh, it's just -- when it's starting up, it's failing when it's idling. Mimi: Did you check the carburetor? Shawn D.: Uh, yes, and I changed the plugs. Mimi: Well, hello! The vacuum hose has come loose from the intake. That's your problem.

Patrick: I got the message that you wanted to talk. You say you have a job for me. Alex: That's right. I think it'll be something right up your alley. Patrick: Well, I'm sorry, but I'm not in that line of work anymore. Alex: Of course you are. I looked you up in the yellow pages -- right there under "thuggery and skullduggery."

Shawn D.: (Mimi was able to diagnose what was wrong with the car) You're like a triple threat. You're a receptionist. You're a waitress. You're a grease monkey. Is there anything you're not good at, Mrs. Brady? Mimi: Well, I can't cook. Shawn D.: This is true.

Patrick: (Alex is offering lots of money so Patrick can keep Hope happy in order to get Patrick to do his bidding) Not necessarily. I've had plenty of good nights at the casino. And Hope isn't high-maintenance. Alex: Give them half a chance, my boy, and all women are high-maintenance.

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