Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 5/9/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 5/9/06

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Provided By Danielle

Bo: The Chicago P.D. Have linked Patrick Lockhart to a string of cons that led to a young woman's murder. John: (looking over the case file) Well, now, how do you figure that? I don't see his name mentioned here anywhere. Bo: The description fits him perfectly. I've got to find him and bring him in. John: [Sarcastically] Yeah, and you say my case is circumstantial.

Sami: (Lexie has told Sami that she will end up alone and then rot in hell) When I get to hell, I'll be sure to look you up, Lexie.

Lexie: [ Chuckles ] (Carrie believes Sami has changed for the better) Oh, goodness. How could such an intelligent, intuitive woman let herself be fooled by you? Sami: (sarcastically) I don't know. Why do people do the things they do?

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