Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 4/24/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 4/24/06

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John: (John discovers Tek has been assigned to follow him and John asks to be left alone while he talks to Marlena) Come on, Tek. You're not just a cop. You're my friend. I brought you in, and I trained you at the ISA, remember? Tek: [ Sighs ] Okay, I'll give you a little space. John: Thanks. Tek: But I'll be keeping my eye on you. John: Of course you will. You had a good teacher.

Chelsea: (in confessional hoping that by telling a priest the truth, she can get out of telling Bo the truth) So, Hope left town. She's so mad at my dad for even having a daughter like me. So, I sent her an e-mail, um, of an article from the Salem chronicle of Shawn and Mimi’s wedding, and it had a few pictures of me and my mom and my dad all looking like a happy family, which I knew would make her flip out. Fr. Marquez: I see. Chelsea: Anyway, then I went online. I used my dad's password and his screen name, and I read an e-mail that hope had sent to him after she read the article. She said that she wanted a divorce. And I knew that if my dad read it, he would write her back saying how much he loved her and that he didn't want to have a divorce. So, I rerouted his outgoing messages so that they would come to my account first. And after he read her e-mail, he wrote her back, and I had changed what he had written. And then I forwarded it to Hope. Fr. Marquez: Well, you have been really busy.

Tek: (Lexie mentions the blackmail and Tek assumes she’s talking about Alex) Is that bastard still trying to blackmail you by telling Abe about us? Lexie: Yeah, but -- Tek: I'll kill him. Lexie: Tek, it's not just Alex. Sami knows, too. I mean, you can't kill everybody, can you?

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