Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/19/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/19/06

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Eugenia: (to Sami’s claim of turning over a new leaf to be with Austin) You good? Ha! That's funny. Good Sami is like an oxymoron, emphasis on the moron.

Lexie: (to Celeste) These vibes you're getting, can you please be a little more specific for once?

Sami: (A nurse and Eugenia want to bet on Sami losing Austin again) Ha ha. What is the deal? Does everyone in this stupid hospital know my personal business? Both: Yes. Eugenia: But face it, Sami, it's not just the hospital. The whole town knows you're a pathetic loser.

Kate: Bo and hope are history. And my hat's off to Chelsea for helping make that happen. Billie: Bo and Hope are not history. And you can put your hat back on because Chelsea has decided she doesn't want to be Kate Roberts, Jr.

Kate: Chelsea, Chelsea. Listen to me. If you're feeling an overpowering urge to tell the truth, then just lie down. Let it pass.

Kate: (Chelsea insists on telling the truth despite the consequences to her future) This is the first time that it's been hard for me to believe that you're my granddaughter.

Celeste: Has Samantha threatened you? Eugenia: You know, if you are on the same continent with Sami, you can consider yourself threatened.

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