Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 4/18/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 4/18/06

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Billie: (Billie notices Kate’s reaction when Chelsea starts to tell Bo the truth) What's the matter, mother? It looks like you're about to walk the plank.

Frankie: I'm all unpacked. How about you? Jennifer: No, not yet. Abby: Yeah, mom fell asleep on the couch. Jennifer: [ Chuckles ] Abby: You two must have had a pretty wild time.

Abe: Maybe. But if that fugitive really is Lockhart, he's looking at a lot of jail time if they catch him. Bo: Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Bo: (to Abe after assuming this new suspect history pertains to Patrick and having no idea that Hope is really with Patrick) You know, if there's a bright side to Hope running off, is that she's not anywhere near him.

Jack: (Jack dresses as a woman for a talk show segment) [ High-pitched voice ] Well, Jennifer, what do you think? Jennifer: [ Laughing ] I think that, um, you're not going to attract the cream of the crop of Salem’s men. That's what I think. Jack: [ Normal voice ] There are some men who like unconventional beauty. Jennifer: Jack, but the men that are gonna be attracted to you are attracted to drag queens, and that is not the story that you're trying to do.

Eddie: (Jack, still dressed as a woman, kisses Jennifer) No wonder she turned me down. Jack: (pulls off the wig) What's the matter? You never seen a man kiss his wife before?

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