Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/12/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/12/06

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Hope: It doesn't matter who's trapped down there. Bo would risk his life to save anyone. Patrick: And that's what draws you to him, even now. Admit it. Bo is your hero, and he always will be. I'm right, aren't I?

Austin: Look... I don't want us to get involved again for the wrong reason. You are very vulnerable right now. So am I. And if we make love, I want it to be because you want me, not because you lost Lucas or you want to annoy my mother. Sami: Wait a second. Look, all right, maybe annoying Kate is certainly an added bonus, but it is not what motivates me.

Shawn D.: I'm going down. Worker: No, there's a rescue team on the way. Shawn D.: Where are they coming from, Australia?

Reporter: (Bo pushes the reporter aside when he tries to get an interview) Bo Brady -- a man of action, a man of few words. Hope: (watching via satellite TV) Because he's saving someone's life, mister!

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