Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 3/29/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 3/29/06

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Provided By Danielle

Kate: (Kate walks in on John aiming a gun at the penthouse planning to shoot Alex) What are you gonna do, John? What, are you gonna shoot him? John: You can't very well marry a dead man, can you?

Lexie: (Belle is helping Marlena get ready for the wedding but still voices her opinions against the union) I agree with belle. I wish you'd reconsider marrying Alex today. Marlena: Oh, goodie. You're both here. Now you can really gang up on me.

Sami: (Lexie tries to convince Sami that losing Carrie to Lucas doesn’t automatically makes Austin fall in love with her) You think you know so much. I think by now you'd learn, Lexie. No one and nothing stops Sami Brady from getting what she wants.

Sami: I hate the idea of my mom marrying this monster. Austin: Yeah, you've mentioned that once or twice.

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