Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 3/17/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 3/17/06

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Carrie: (Lexie encourages Carrie to go after Austin) Wish it could be that easy. Lexie: Why isn't it? Don't tell me you're still worried about sami. Carrie: I told her that I was over him, and at the time, i meant it. Lexie: So? You're entitled to change your mind, carrie. You are not responsible for Sami's happiness. Do you really think that she gives a damn about yours?

Heather: Oh, well, then let's have a toast -- to Belle. Belle: You mean to Mimi. Heather: No, I mean to you. The girl everyone thought would be the happiest woman in Salem turns out to be the biggest idiot, 'cause she let Shawn Brady get away. Cheers.

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