Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 3/1/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 3/1/06

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Lucas: (surprised to find Eugenia working as the hostess at Chez Rouge) What are you doing working here? I don't pay you enough at titan? Is that it?

Patrick: (flashback) Okay, Billie. Let's see what you got. Billie: Uh... I think you can already see what I've got. [ Chuckles ] Patrick: I was referring to your cards, but, uh, I can see in strip poker how you would take that either way.

Chelsea: You know, I just don't see why you were so hot and bothered by him, anyway. Billie: Oh, really? Probably for the same reasons you were so hot and bothered over him.

Austin: You couldn't get a reservation? Sami: No. I called Lady Vi's. I called the penthouse grill, Salem inn, blue note. I couldn't get us in anywhere until after 10:00. I guess we could go to Alice's, but I swear the last time I ate there, there was something in my chili. Austin: Yummy.

Sami: (surprised to find Eugenia working as the hostess) Wow. So, what happened? New job of the month? Titan finally wised up and fired you? Eugenia: No. I still have my day job, but thank you very much for asking. Mrs. Horton asked me if I could help out -- as a friend -- but then you wouldn't know anything about that whole friendship thing, now, would you?

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