Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 2/28/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 2/28/06

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Alex: (stops at the door of the penthouse when he hears Marlena talking with Belle inside) Oh! That's all I need right now is John and Marlena’s whiny brat in there. Get rid of her, Marlena.

Marlena: (Belle fears that by leaving Philip, she’d lose custody of Claire) That would not happen. You would always have at least half custody. Belle: So my baby spends half of her life without her mother? Well, I guess that doesn't sound so crazy to you since you walked away from our family.

Calliope: (Bonnie gloats about how she was able to get Calliope as Mimi’s wedding planner and will be sticking Kate with the bill) Well, you are very lucky. I don't like to brag, but, generally, I am booked two years in advance. It just so happens I was coming to Salem to do my very dear friend Marlena Evans' wedding, and I thought, "why not double my pleasure and my billable hours and kill two birds with one handful of rice?" Bonnie: What?

Marlena: (Belle uses Sami as an example as to how messed up a child of divorce can become) I know, I feel awful about that. I know it was so hard for her. Belle: Well, you'd think she'd gotten over it by now.

Calliope: (meets Shawn for the first time and offers condolences about his family situation) I mean, Marlena and John are breaking up. Bo and Hope are breaking up. I mean, it's crazy around here. Well, it always was, actually, but...

Austin: (Sami is sure that Kate badmouthed her to Austin) Your name never even came up. Sami: Oh, yeah, and there really is a tooth fairy. Austin: You know, not everything revolves around you, Sami.

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