Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/8/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/8/06

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Hope: (Maggie tries to get Hope to empathize with Bo by thinking how she’d feel if Shawn were in Chelsea’s place) Shawn would never do what Chelsea did. Maggie: Shawn was very reckless at belle and Philip’s wedding. Alice: Yes. He crashed a motorcycle through St. Luke's window. Hope: Gran, he didn't kill anyone. Alice: Well, by the grace of god.

Lexie: (Abe has no idea that Lexie was standing there listening to their previous conversation) Abe, honey, what -- what are you saying about me? Hello, Tek. Abe: (they were talking about Tek’s desire for Lexie) Just a little man talk. Tek and I were taking a poll of the hottest women in university hospital. You won.

Nicole: (Nicole offers to go home with Roman) I like cops, especially when they're not arresting me. Got any handcuffs on you? Roman: I think the best thing that this cop could do is go home and take a very cold shower. I'll see you around, Nicole.

Larry: (Carrie has confronted Austin after overhearing him brag to Larry, their new investor) You people sure put on a good show -- jeez.

Austin: (Carrie overhears Austin gloating about his hostile takeover) I'm sorry you had to hear that. Carrie: But not sorry you said it. Austin: I can't lie. Carrie: Oh, don't underestimate yourself. You lie really well.

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