Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/26/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/26/06

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Austin: Wow. When something like this happens, it really puts all this business stuff into perspective, doesn't it? Lucas: Yeah, it does. Although the way you do business, it could cause a lot of pain and suffering, too.

Chelsea: (Max warns that the truth will come out) It won't. It won't as long as you and Abby and everybody else who knows the truth just keeps their mouth shut. Max: You know, that's another thing -- for those of us who do know the truth, we are obstructing justice, we are concealing evidence, and we are breaking the law. We can all go to jail. How fun would that be?

Lucas: (about Sami and Nicole) I guarantee both of them knew that Carrie was the C.E.O. of High Style. Austin: They didn't. Sami admitted to Carrie that she had her business card but never bothered to look at it. Lucas: Oh, come on. You know Sami. She'd look at a used piece of tissue if it had something written on it.

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